Sunday, 1 November 2015

Bookish Playlist: Queen of Shadows

If you follow me on Instagram it's easily known that books and music are two of my favorite things. I've always enjoyed listening to music while reading, but it wasn't until 2013 when I started making playlists of songs that reminded me of books. I plan on uploading them periodically on 8 tracks, which is my go-to place for wonderful playlists.

The first playlist I uploaded on 8 tracks is titled: A Queen of Shadows, which you can listen here.

This playlist was inspired by the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and was mainly influenced by the first three books in the series since I have not yet read Queen of Shadows prior to creating this playlist. This playlist essentially revolves around Aelin, but I wanted to include some songs that reminded me of other characters. I wanted this playlist to be mild in sound, but not too soft, drawing my main influences from Fleet Foxes, Daughter, and Halsey. Some people may find a 32 song playlist too long, but I personally enjoy lengthy playlist for they offer a large variety of different sounds and moods. Concocting new playlists is something I truly enjoy and I will definitely upload more soon.


1. Your Protector // Fleet Foxes
2. Glory & Gore // Lorde
3. Human // Daughter
4. Animal // Sky Ferreria
5. Ragged Wood // Fleet Foxes
6. Youth // Daughter
7. Queen of Peace // Flo + the Machine
8. Castle // Halsey
9. Down to the Second // Zack Berkman
10. Wolf // Phildel
11. Angel of Small Death // Hozier
12. Yellow Flicker Beat // Lorde
13. I See Fire // Ed Sheeran
14. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song // Fleet Foxes
15. Crystals // Of Monsters & Men
16. Montezuma // Fleet Foxes
17. The Disappearance of the Girl // Phildel
18. Firewall // Les Friction
19. Storm Song // Phildel
20. Someone You'd Admire // Fleet Foxes
21. He Doesn't Know Why // Fleet Foxes
22. We Must Be Killers // Mikky Echo
23. Virgin // Manchester Orchestra
24. Broken Crown // Mumford & Sons
25. Draw Your Swords // Angus & Julia Stone
26. Run // Daughter
27. Control // Halsey
28. Arsonists Lullaby // Hozier
29. World on Fire // Les Friction
30. It's Only // ODESZA
31. Candles // Daughter
32. Everybody Wants to Rule the World // Lorde

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