Review Policy

To fellow readers, authors, and publishers out there.

I am currently accepting only print arcs/finished copies at the moment for review. I may make an exception for an e-arc if it is a book I'm really looking forward to.

If I received a book for review it will be clearly stated in the beginning of my review, once I post it.

Inquiries can be sent to:

  • I am open to almost any genre, but my main preferences are fiction, young adult, high/urban fantasy, scifi, and contemporary. (Many of these aforementioned consist of the overall young adult genre, but I am interested to read these sub-genres in Middle Grade or Adult Fiction.)
  • I also review graphic novels. (It doesn't matter on genre)
  • If I accept a book for review I will do my best to post a review in a timely fashion. Upon receiving arcs, I will do my best to post my review before its release date.
  • You can expect 100% truth in my reviews, for any book that I read, whether on my own or requested. If I do not like a book I've read, you can bet that I will discuss it in my review, but never will I intentionally bash and author or write derogatory things on this blog.
  • If I am particularly fond of a book many times I post a photo my fondness, and fangirlish ways, of it on my instagram.
  • I do my best to respond to every review request, even those I'm not interested in.
  • I am currently available for blog tours and giveaways at the moment.
  • I also do mini reviews on goodreads, but that is at my own discretion.

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