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Bookish Playlist: The Dark Artifices

As you may know Lady Midnight has pretty much taken over my life so it comes as no surprise that I've been cultivating numerous playlists to coincide with this marvelous book. I actually have been writing down these songs before I even read the book and as I went along made gradual changes and added in some new songs. Which I prefer than just creating a playlist at the end. So far I've made a playlist for Cristina, Mark, and one for Emma and Julian. I'll definitely be creating more once more books release and when I reread and spontaneously feel like concocting a new playlist. My 8tracks Dark Artifices collection can be found here.


Genre: indie/alternative/electric
Main Influences: Aurora, Regina Spektor, Isobel Anderson

❝ no one is ever the villain of their own story. ❞
I knew once we were introduced to Cristina Rosales that I was going to want to make a playlist about her. I went on 8tracks to see if anyone had made one about her for reference, but I didn't find any. For this playlist I wanted to stick mainly to female artists because usually when I create indie playlists the artists/bands are a majority male. Pretty proud that this playlist only has two males artists in it. I wanted to use vocals of all my favorite female indie/alternative singers and listening to this playlist there is a great variety of vocals. I wanted Cristina's playlist to be a mixture of soft calming vocals, but with chilling and haunting chorus'. You can listen here.


  1. Runaway // AURORA
  2. She Used To Be Mine // Sara Bareilles
  3. Earth // Sleeping At Last
  4. The Disappearance of the Girl // Phidel
  5. Rest Your Head // Bat For Lashes
  6. Can We Go There Again? // Isobel Anderson
  7. Hiding // Florence + the Machine
  8. Fidelity // Regina Spektor
  9. Scars // James Bay
  10. Leaving The City // Joanna Newsom

hopeless wanderer.

Genre: indie/folk
Main influences: James Bay, Head & the Heart, Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard

❝ but it is not all bad, to ride the winds, run upon the waves, and dance upon the mountains, and it is all that I have left. ❞
This is the playlist I had most wanted to make and what sparked this need to made TDA playlists in the first place. I actually wanted to make a playlist about Mark when I was reading Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy but felt it was too early, so I just began to note down songs that popped into my head and would continue to add to later. Also that quote from him isn't from LM it's from novella #7 of TFSA, which is one of my favorite novellas and the catalyst for initially making this playlist because I truly love Mark Antony Blackthorn with every fiber of my soul. Most of these songs were already in my phone because for some reason I really love songs that have to do with nature and of course indie/folk music is my favorite genre. I wanted Mark's playlist to be light, breezy blend of various melodies that all coincide with each other. My main influences of this playlist were Head and the Heart, Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men, and of course James Bay. Not only those are some of my favorite artists, but their voices blend very well together, that sometimes I even get confused which band wrote which song. On a side note there was a song that I wanted to put in here called 10,000 Weight in Gold by The Head and the Heart, but couldn't due to 8tracks two songs per artist limitation, but anyways I think this song can really fit in well with Mark so you should listen to it sometime. You can take a listen to this playlist here.

  1. Elysium // Bear's Den
  2. Hold Back The River // James Bay
  3. Clocks Go Forward // James Bay
  4. Silhouettes // Of Monsters and Men
  5. Shake // The Head and the Heart
  6. Black Flies // Ben Howard
  7. Sing For the Wind // Roo Panes
  8. Down in the Valley // The Head and the Heart
  9. Winter Winds // Mumford & Sons
  10. Butterfly Culture // Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  11. Pagan Poetry // Bjork
  12. Old Pine // Ben Howard
  13. Goner // Twenty One Pilots

in the midnight hour.

Genre: indie/alternative/electric
Main influences: James Bay, Ben Howard, Seafret, Sleeping At Last

❝ the sea-softened air filling the car and lifting the light hair around her temples. This was how she’d always ridden in cars with Julian, with her feet up and the wind in her hair. It was something Julian loved, Emma beside him in the car, driving with the blue sky overhead and the blue sea to the west. It was an image that felt full of infinite possibility, as if they could simply keep driving forever, the horizon their only destination.❞
Another reason for my sprawl of TDA playlists is the bane of my existence, Blackstairs. I can go on and on about how much I love them, but you can just read my review of Lady Midnight if you want to see that. I will most likely create separate playlists for Emma and Julian, but right now I just wanted to have one of them together. This playlist is heavily influence by me picturing Blackstairs midnight car rides and such, hence why I have a few songs that reference driving. But I also wanted to heavily feature the beach and the aspect of water. I wanted this playlist to have a chill indie vibe, but also with alternative and electric influences. I am truly in love with this playlist. You can take a listen here.

  1. Sinking Ship // Seafret
  2. Here With Me // Susie Suh x Robot Koch
  3. Hear Your Heart // James Bay
  4. Cigarette Daydreams // Cage the Elephant
  5. Flowers In Your Hair // The Lumineers
  6. Memo // Years & Years
  7. Fire and the Flood // Vance Joy
  8. The Beach // The Neighborhood
  9. Car Radio Drive // Halsey + Twenty One Pilots {mashup}
  10. Move Together // James Bay
  11. Depth Over Distance // Ben Howard
  12. Draw Your Swords // Angus and Julia Stone
  13. Young God // Halsey
  14. I Like Not Knowing // Fatherson
  15. Empire // Of Monsters and Men
  16. Destiny Rules // Fleetwood Mac
  17. Love Love Love // Of Monsters And Men
  18. In My Veins // Andrew Belle

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