Friday, 3 June 2016

The Song Rising Cover Analysis

After awaiting many anxious months, the cover for The Song Rising, book three in The Bone Season series was revealed yesterday. And here it is in all its glory...

And also the UK/RoW cover which slightly differentiates in font color and missing the orange hue that resides on the U.S. cover...

In the beginning of the week I was quite nervous to see these covers, not only because I have been anxiously await for ages, but it was announced there was going to be a series cover change. You can imagine my reaction. There is nothing worse than a bibliophile hearing that there is going to be a cover change in their beloved series that is not even complete yet.

To be wholly honest I'm not the hugest fan of this new cover. I appreciate the minimalistic look they were trying to go for with these redesigns, but I prefer the look of the original Bone Season and Mime Order covers.

There is just something about this cover that throws me off. I think its the bright flame against the stark background. I'm curious as to why it was placed on the cover, which leads me to believe that there will probably be an inferno of some sort. Or can it be a metaphorical flame of an uprising revolution? Anyways I'm pretty sure the crown refers to pseudo-monarchy of the Mime-Queens and Mime-Lords of each cohort of The Unnatural Assembly, and of course Paige's new role in it all.

The covers for these books always remain obscure to me until I actually read the novel and see the symbols represented. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Along with the reveal of The Song Rising cover, the redesigned The Bone Season and The Mime Order covers were also revealed...

Again I will always love and prefer the new covers. I just don't really see the point in deciding to redesign the covers now, especially three books in what is to be a seven book series.

But to remedy the change, it came to my attention that the release date to The Song Rising has been set to March 2017, and according to Goodreads it says March 7th, 2017.

For some reason, when I heard about this book being pushed back to 2017, I assumed fall 2017, but we are getting it in the beginning of next year and I cannot wait.

I will have to give props to Bloomsbury for at least keeping the spines consistent. We as readers know that with a dreaded cover change comes the uneven, non-matching spines, but Samantha Shannon has confirmed that the future books will match the old book spines.

And here are the old paperback covers, next to the mock redesigned ones...

At least I can now sleep soundly, knowing that my series will still match spine wise, when viewing my shelves. This cover change does not in anyway hinder my excitement for The Song Rising release, I'm all the more eager to get it in my hands. Who knows, maybe it'll grow on me, once I've held a physical copy.

What do you think of these new redesigned covers?

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